justin bieber smoking-weed on bus?

justin bieber smoking-weed on bus?

Police Confiscate Illegal Drugs on Bieber Bus

Singer Justin Bieber needs to hire a full-time publicist just to handle all the negative publicity he’s been dealing with these days.

The latest news about Bieber’s naughty activities include a report from police in Sweden, who confiscated what they called a small supply of illegal narcotics found aboard his touring bus.

Police officials searched the vehicle as it was parked near an arena in Stockholm where the young heartthrob singer was performing. No charges have been filed against the singer and it has not been proven exactly who was in possession of those drugs because Bieber shared the bus with nine other individuals on the way to his concert at Stockholm’s Globe Arena.

Representatives in Bieber’s camp said the alleged discovery was much to do about nothing and refused any further comment or explanation.

Neither did the Swedish police shed any additional light on the situation, providing no information on just what drugs were found aboard the bus or exactly where they were discovered.

An alert officer who indicated he smelled the aroma of marijuana emanating from the bus instigated the search. In order to file a charge against an offender, however, police must find the narcotic on the person himself.

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