Enduring Love: Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf Married Since 2001

Enduring Love: Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf Married Since 2001

Tennis Pro Marriage Between Agassi and Graf Endures

Their marriage has been one of the longest enduring marriages for celebrities in recent times. Andre Agassi, 42, married Stefi Graf, 43, back in 2001.

Both Agassi and Graf are tennis legends in their own right and have made fortunes from profession tennis competitions. It is reported that, over his tennis career, Agassi made in excess of $31 million and Graf made over $21 million in her career. Agassi has held over 60 titles in his professional tennis career including being ranked #1 in the world back in 1995.

Graf has held 107 titles including being ranked #1 in 1987. The Agassi’s have found continued purpose in their lives following the end of their tennis careers and that has largely come from raising their own children, Jaden Gil and Jaz Elle, and from running foundations to help other children.

Both Agassi and Graf find satisfaction in giving back to the world community that has blessed them.

Agassi started his own charity to benefit children called the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation which to date has raised over $60 million. Graf has her own charity “Children of Tomorrow” which is focused on helping children in war torn areas of the world.

The former world number one was formerly married to actress Brooke Shields but their union only lasted for two years, divorcing in 1999.

The couple who are both out of the game professionally but still play in charity and exhibition matches, have 2 kids together.