bill murray leaves 120 percent tip on a $60 check

bill murray leaves 120 percent tip on a $60 check (photo courtesy Georges Biard

Actor Bill Murray is a Good Tipper

62-year-old actor Bill Murray has consistently shown his versatility and skill as an actor. Originally known as a comedic actor in the movies “Ghostbusters”, “Ground Hogs Day”, and “Caddyshack”, he impressed critics for his dramatic performance in “Lost in Translation”. If that weren’t enough, the sagely father of six is also a good tipper.

Tipping is a sure sign of a person’s generosity and people who are generous tippers do so because they recall how hard it is to make a living in service jobs. Rumor has it that Murray once tipped a waiter $120 on a $60 bill which is a 120% tip.

The waiter even gushed that Murray instructed him on the finer art of making juicier lemon wedges by first putting the lemon through a few involutions or rolls prior to cutting.

Murray is currently at working filming his next film “Monuments of Men” which is a drama centered on an effort by the Allied Forces to save valuable works of art from falling into the hands of Nazi Germany. He will co-star with Matt Damon and George Clooney.

Last year, Murray portrayed the venerable American president Franklin D. Roosevelt in the film “Hyde Park on the Hudson”.