Rumors Abound Whether CSI Series to be Cancelled?

For fans of the genre of crime series called CSI hearing the phrase “CSI may be cancelled” may invoke the question: which one? Rumor has it that CSI:NY may not see a tenth season, according to reports.

It’s not that the ratings for the Friday night show are poor.

Quite the contrary, the ratings, while declining steadily, continue to hold impressive numbers of just under ten million viewers a week. However, it is in the all-important demographic of viewers age 18-49 that the show has struggled going from an index of 1.8 in season seven to 1.4 by season nine.

Add to that the show’s rising costs from increasing salaries for actors to production costs and CBS executives may not see a need to renew the series for another year.

Last year, series co-star Gary Sinese didn’t see more than a 50% chance of the series being renewed for a ninth season. What the show does have going for it is a lack of any viable alternative.

CBS launched two series on Friday nights which if successful would have certainly sounded the death knell for CSI:NY, but each have failed to come close to the numbers CSI:NY has been capturing.

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CSI: NY: Cancelled or Renewed for Season 10?