Jennifer Aniston Cheat Days Indulgence Revealed

Jennifer Aniston Cheat Days Indulgence Revealed

Jennifer Aniston Admits She Enjoys Cheat Days

Jennifer Aniston has become a multi-millionaire by paying attention to the shape of her gorgeous body. But years of diet and exercise to stay slim and svelte haven’t dulled the actress’s interest in enjoying what she calls a cheat day now and then, a 24-hour period when there are no rules and no restrictions on what she eats or drinks.

Now 44 years old, the former star of the hit series “Friends” admits that she doesn’t hesitate to chow down on Mexican or Italian specialties on cheat days, but still believes that you have to exercise some moderation even when cheating on a diet.

During an appearance at a book party, Aniston admits that 20 years ago, her body was “much rounder” because she didn’t pay attention to what she was eating.

At the event, the actress revealed to People magazine what she craves on a day off from her usual diet, saying “Cheat days for me are usually … it’s either Mexican food … maybe Italian pasta, but I think you always have to do it in moderation.”

She credits the practice of Yoga will helping her maintain a sleek and trim figure these days and says that in her mid-40s she feels more comfortable in her own skin and more empowered than ever before in her life.

Aniston also reveals that the secret to succeeding at yoga practice is to exercise a little patience and do a little bit more each day in pursuit of the perfect body.


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