storage wars drops 3 cast members Amid Lawsuit

storage wars drops 3 cast members Amid Lawsuit

Storage Wars drops 3

The Storage Wars drama continues, and more popular cast members could be out of a job. It seems to all begin with Dave Hester’s law suit. In his suit, Dave accuses the show and its executives of “planting” high dollar finds in sold units for the show. Now, it seems a few more cast members days may be numbered.

According to reports, we will be seeing less of “The Gambler” Darrell Sheets and even the auctioneers themselves, Dan and Laura Dotson could be without a job soon. Sources are saying it has nothing to do with the lawsuit filed by Hester, but more to do with money.

“It seems as if they are going after some of the higher paid cast members,” a source told Radar Online. “And meanwhile they are expanding the franchise.”

Contracts with the trio who could be ousted, are not finalized, some episodes were taped without the leading cast members, and without them knowing about it. While the show did fulfill his contract, Sheets is noted to not be happy at all with the “shady” taping without him.

A&E has denied the report. “Not every cast member appears in every episode of the series,” a rep for the network explained to, “but there is no truth to the report that any other members have been dropped.”

The Dotson’s are touting on Twitter a and that all is well, and they are on the show to stay. They do not seem to add any credibility to their demise on the show. Could they replace these top cast members and still have a great show? Time will tell.