One Direction Gay?  At Least One Member Of 1D is Gay Says Lance Bass

One Direction Gay? At Least One Member Of 1D is Gay Says Lance Bass ‘Statistically speaking…’: Lance went on to add that he thinks at least one member of One Direction is gay

After spending years in the closet at the height of his *NSYNC fame, Lance speaks in a new interview and says that it’s highly likely that a member of One Direction is gay

The successful teenage boy band “One Direction” has a growing number of speculators who believe they are gay. Now, 34-year-old singer Lance Bass, formerly of the 1990s popular teenage boy band “N Sync”, claims that at least one member of the group is gay.

In a video interview with The Rubin Report, the 33-year-old implied history may be repeating itself with 2013’s hottest pop quintet, One Direction.

“If you took one of these One Direction kids, because they basically are kids, my guess is one of them is gay,” host Dave Rubin said of bandmates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne (all of whom identify as heterosexual).

“Statistically speaking, one probably is,” Bass agreed. “It’s crazy with a market like that, because 100 percent is young women, and they fantasize about these guys. Then you have the record label and everyone grooming you to make sure that you don’t even mention you have a girlfriend. So screw the fact that you’re gonna come out as being gay. It ruins their whole business plan.”

Bass himself came out as openly gay in recent years. Is that good news? Bass believes any revelation of homosexuality by a member of the group would end their career.

This is because the group, now a $50 million business, is focused on teenage girls.

Bass believes any member being openly gay would put off much of the group’s fan base.

It may be an example of classic “projection” given that Bass didn’t reveal his homosexuality until 2006.

The group “N Sync” sold over 50 million records but stopped recording in 2002. If someone is gay, who might that be? In June of 2012, both band member Niall Horan and Harry Styles shared a “gay kiss” onstage during a concert in Texas.

Another band member Zayn Malik has been spotted touching fellow band mates “affectionately”. In a day and age when coming out as a gay is widely accepted, it would be interesting to see if fans would stay true to the group regardless of their sexual orientation.


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