Office Star Stranded By US Airways, Takes To Twitter To Vent

Office Star Stranded By US Airways, Takes To Twitter To Vent

“Dwight Schrute” of TV Series “The Office” Stranded by US Airways

47-year-old actor Rainn Wilson, who plays the fictional character “Dwight Schrute” on the long-running sitcom “The Office”, was stranded by USAirways in Philadelphia while he and six other members from the show were on their way to Scranton to attend a “wrap” party for the show.

The series has officially been cancelled and will air its series finale on May 16.

Wilson and fellow cast members had just gotten off their airplane and were making their way to the connecting flight when they discovered that the plane took off early. There was no other flight to Scranton until the following day.

In the end, Wilson and company rented cars and drove to Scranton with enough time to enjoy the celebrations which involved the whole community. The festivities included a parade and a special performance by some cast members in front of the county court house.

Wilson vented his frustration on Twitter stating that the group had to rent cars and asked if the CEO of USAirways would like to join him. Wilson also let the CEO know that if the joined their group for the ride he would “fondle him angrily”.

“So @USAirways just screwed me & half the cast of ‘The Office.’ Conctng flight left BEFORE departure time. Sorry Scranton won’t see u til tom,” Wilson Tweeted on May 3 at 2:39 pm PT.

In another Tweet, he wrote, “We’re being forced to rent cars and drive to Scranton from Philly. Does the CEO of @USAirways want to join us? I will fondle him angrily.”

“The plane was a 20 seater, missing 7 people who had obviously just landed & it leaves 10 minutes EARLY! @USAirways,” he Tweeted at 3:05 p.m. PT.

For what it’s worth, USAirways apologized for the inconvenience.


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