CNN Anchor Robbed: What Was Stolen?

CNN Anchor Robbed: What Was Stolen?

CNN Anchor Issues Warning After iPhone Theft

CNN news anchor Carol Costello informed Atlanta police in Georgia (United States) that on Thursday, May 2, she was talking on her iPhone around 4:30 p.m. while walking along Piedmont Avenue when one of three teens grabbed the phone from her hand and ran with it.

Costello provided police with a detailed description of one of the teens. According to, he was approximately 5-feet, 8-inches in height, black, skinny and with curled hair. He wore a sweatshirt colored light blue or gray that featured narrow dark blue stripes.

Costello spoke out about the incident on Facebook on Friday. She stated that one of the teens also ripped out a chunk of her hair when she tried to prevent the theft and then ran off laughing.

She emphasized that people shouldn’t talk on iPhones while walking down streets as this type of incident, known as “Apple picking,” is happening more and more across the country. Teens steal iPhones, erase them and then sell them for sometimes as much as a 1000 dollars.

here’s Costello entire Facebook post:

Good Morning. In retrospect, what happened to me yesterday is insignificant in light of what happened in the Boston.

Still, I feel the need to vent. And isn’t that what friends are for?
I was robbed.

And I am angry.

I was walking down a beautiful, leafy Atlanta street, talking on my IPhone.
Guess what happened next?

Three teenagers ran up behind me. One of them grabbed my IPhone. Stupidly I struggled to hold on-to it. But, he was a big guy. And he pulled out a chunk my hair.
I let go.

As he ran down the street, laughing, I hurled a few expletives his way.
I felt no fear at the time, I was just angry. Now I’m angry, shaken and sad. What a lousy life those kids have ahead of them.

Thieves steal IPhones, wipe them clean, then sell them for up to one-thousand bucks.
So, a warning for you. Do not talk on your IPhone as you walk down the street.
Oh, and let go of the stupid device if someone tries to steal it.
Hope you join me at 9 and 10 AM ES.

Turns out, according to ABC news: “cities across the country are on alert as officials warn of an uptick in stolen Apple products, dubbed “Apple picking.”

Besides her hair, Costello reported no other injuries. She has stated though that she’s “angry, shaken and sad.”

Atlanta police are currently investigating the incident.

No arrests have been made.


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