Boy Records Police Officer Breaking Law

Using a hidden camera, 12-year-old Jeremy Drew recorded a Las Vegas police officer breaking a sidewalk parking law. The incident occurred sometime before September 2012, but the video has recently gone viral with more than 3.5 million YouTube views.

Drew filmed the officer walking up to his motorcycle carrying a large soft drink. He asked the officer why he parked on the sidewalk. The officer responded, “Because I can.”

Drew asked for a badge number. The officer first asked “Why?” and then sarcastically asked if Drew was a junior lawyer. When Drew persisted, the officer became semi-confrontational and asked for Drew’s ID and accused him of loitering.

Responses to the video have varied widely. Some people commenting online have stated that since police protect and serve the public, they have the right to break laws like this one. Others have pointed out that the disabled, and women with strollers, would have difficulty maneuvering around the motorcycle, and an attempt to do so by walking into the street could lead to an accident

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has informed the media that it has no plans to investigate the matter, as the officer has retired.

Boy Asks Officer For Badge Number After Illegally Parking Motorcycle On Sidewalk
Boy Asks Officer For Badge Number After Illegally Parking Motorcycle On Sidewalk

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