Keifer Sutherland Considering Return of ’24’ Series

Fox Network cancelled Keifer Sutherland’s latest television series ‘Touch’ in which he played the father of a mute boy with paranormal powers.

The series was never a ratings winner with an average weekly viewership of under four million in its Friday time slot. However, rumor has it that the network is in negotiation with him for a return of the series that was a big ratings winner: ’24’.

Producer David Fury, confirmed the report on Twitter:
“Yep, I’m pulling double duty w/TYRANT. Whoo & Hoo!”

Fox tells E! News, “We aren’t confirming anything until Monday at our upfront presentation. ”

In the final episode of the series which broadcast on May 24, 2010, Sutherland’s fiction character Jack Bauer escapes a dire situation and walks away once again the hero.

At the time, the conventional wisdom was that the series would move to the big screen as other TV series such as “Star Trek: Next Generation” and “Firefly”.

Now, it is believed that plans for a big screen adaption of ’24’ were dropped sometime in the summer of 2012.

Sutherland was said to have been angered by the news, reports the New York Daily News.

Will ’24’ return? If so, how many of the original cast will also return? Speculators are saying that if ’24’ returned it would be for a limited series. Would a ‘limited’ return consist of special made-for-TV movies or periodic mini-series? Time will tell.

“24” ran for eight seasons on Fox ending in 2010.


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