last minute mother's day gifts: It's Not Too Late!

last minute mother’s day gifts: It’s Not Too Late!

It’s Not Too Late to Get Mother’s Day Gifts

For those who are now awakening to the fact that Mother’s Day 2013 is arriving quickly and you have not given that special someone a gift, ABC News has come to the rescue. They published a list of gifts that should save the day for you starting at prices as low as $10. At the top of the list are decorated frames.

The frames feature a central message and become keepsakes. They are always a nice touch. Another gift is the preparation of a special breakfast in bed for her. Planting a rose bush in the garden is a way to continue to give flowers throughout the year. All of these suggestions can be implemented on a $10 budget.

The next items all cost $20 and feature things such as a recipe book, gift teas with cookies, and a Voluspa candle. The latter is said to be a favorite with women. Stepping up to the $50 level is jewelry. Many women enjoy “bling” and being decorated is seen as a measure of their valuation as a woman.

There is also the yogurt maker from Sharper Image which is one of the gifts that keeps on giving. In short, there many ways to leave that special someone feeling happy.

Gift baskets are always a huge hit for Mothers Day. These can be baskets of lotions, wines or edible items. You can easily order a gift basket online and send it to your mother or grandmother that lives in another city or state. She will be so surprised that you have gotten her a basket of some of her favorite things.

Another gift suggestion for Mothers Day is to send your mother, grandmother or wife to get pampered. Women love to receive a gift card for a massage, manicure or pedicure. They work hard, so it is a wonderful idea to send them to be able to sit down and relax.

Jewelry is also a wonderful idea for Mothers Day. Many jewelry stores and online jewelry store sell personalized jewelry. This includes jewelry with their names and birthstones of their children and grandchildren. This is a great way for them to keep the thought of their children close to them.

Choose a gift that is thoughtful and makes the women in your life feel loved and appreciated. That is the most important thing on their mind when they receive their gift on such a special holiday.