Slade Smiley Attacks Vicki Gunvalson’s Plastic Surgery Addiction

Real Housewives of Orange County star Slade Smiley wasted no time using his new live radio gig to verbally attack Vicki Gunvalson’s appearance. His comments implied that Gunvalson has become a plastic surgery addict for the number of times she has gone under the knife in order to change her facial appearance and he compared her most recent profile to the Muppet’s grand diva, Miss Piggy. Slade was careful not to identify Gunvalson by name, but only gave clues to her identity, saying she was a disliked person who looked like one of the Muppets and had already undergone 13 plastic surgery procedures in order to show up at a party looking like actor Mickey Rourke.

According to Vicki Gunvalson herself, her continuing efforts to refine her facial beauty are the direct results of Smiley’s opinion that her face currently resembles Miss Piggy and she admits that his continued ridicule of her looks has been very hurtful. Gunvulson admits she has been on a renovation kick, redoing everything from her home d├ęcor to her looks in an effort to help improve her self-esteem. But not everyone is feeling hurt by Slade Smiley’s ungallant comments, as his girlfriend Gretchen Rossi says she’s very proud of his new show.