Zoe Saldana Weight Controversy: Alure Posts Stars Weight on Mag Cover

Zoe Saldana Weight Controversy: Alure Posts Stars Weight on Mag Cover

Zoe Saldana Weight, weighing in at 115 pounds

Actress Zoe Saldana recently posed nude in a spread for the popular fashion magazine, Allure. This American born actress made her way into the acting world by starring in hit films such as Center Stage, Crosswords and most recently, the 2009 Star Trek film. In addition to the nude photo inside the magazine, Saldana is featured on the cover, along with the controversial headline stating her weight, “115 Pounds of Grit and Heartache.”

Since the release of the cover, much discontent by the public has ensued. Allure has yet to make the link clear between the relevance of the actress’s weight and the article, which discusses Saldana’s life growing up, including her struggles and difficulties.

Hilary Levey Friedman, a Harvard sociologist who often writes and speaks about images in the media, tells Yahoo, it “an interesting choice,” particularly because many of today’s women focus on Body Mass Index rather than the numbers on the scale.

The message to women on the Allure cover, she says, is that “you need to be thin and strong. Just one isn’t enough anymore. This only puts more demands on women and can lead to varied types of disordered eating.”

Friedman adds that the headline harks back to another era.

“It used to be common to share numbers like weight and measurements,” she continues. “While it is still common within the modeling industry … more mainstream pop culture has shied away from it. Even the Miss America Pageant stopped listing the weights and measurements of its competitors by the 1990s.”

Saldana’s photo shoot for Allure was based around showing off her beauty, au naturel. Although still wearing makeup, her signature red lipstick has been traded in for muted earth tones, light blushes and subtle eyeshadows, intended to highlight her natural facial features.

Lizzie Crocker from The Daily Beat adds:

It’s not yet clear in what context Saldana’s weight is revealed in Allure’s latest profile of the actress, but why draw attention to it on the cover, especially when the magazine has leaked much more interesting things about her on its website? How she feels about being criticized for not being dark-skinned enough after she was cast as Nina Simone in an upcoming film, for instance. “It doesn’t matter how much backlash I will get for it,” she says. “I will honor and respect my black community because that’s who I am.” Or how open she is about her sexuality (“I might end up with a woman raising my children.”)

At 5’7 and 115 pounds, Saldana is obviously quite slight, her reactions to having her weight featured on Allure’s cover have not yet been reported. However, with an essentially nude photo, obviously Saldana doesn’t feel she needs to be ashamed of her body.

On the June cover of ‘Allure,’ Zoe’s 115 lb. weight has been revealed and her body is on full display in the nude spread inside the magazine. Aiming for a completely natural look, Zoe removes her makeup and her clothes — do you think it’s crazy that her weight is on the cover?

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Zoe Saldana’s 115 Pound Weight Revealed On ‘Allure’ Cover

Zoe Saldana’s Weight, 115 Pounds, Printed on Allure Cover

Zoe Saldana Weight: Zoe Saldana’s Weight Revealed on the Cover of Allure