Man Drops Engagement Ring on Brooklyn Bridge

On his 29th birthday Don Walling decided to propose to his girlfriend on the Brooklyn bridge. Unfortunately during his proposal he dropped the ring. It all began with a birthday celebration with his family. They enjoyed a meal with his family and soon to be wife. He then invited those in attendance to join for a walk across the Brooklyn bridge.

When the time was right he dropped to one knee and popped the big question of “Will you marry me?” Once he opened the ring box everything went wrong. The ring flew out of the box and fell through a crack in the bridge. Immediately Walling climbed onto the bridge looking for the ring.

While he was on the bridge onlookers got the wrong idea and assumed that he was attempting to commit suicide. This resulted in people telling him not to jump. Soon police arrived on the scene. Once police discovered what was going on they stopped traffic on the bridge so that the ring could be found.

After some searching the ring was found. The ring was slightly damaged from being run over by a car. All diamonds were intact but the setting experienced some damage.

According to the groom to be this entire thing was not his fault. He blames the ring box for this proposal disaster.

Overall this is quite a story and an unforgettable proposal.


Don Walling Drops Ring When Proposing On Brooklyn Bridge