Bill Murry may not be the star he was back in his SNL, Ghostbusters, Caddy Shack days, but the man still knows how to make us.

Bill Murray is known for his odd behavior and eccentricities, but one picture he took is just perfect, as he poses with a crying baby and imitates the exact face its making while taking a quick break at a golf tournament.

The picture comes from a Tumblr called “Reasons My Son is Crying,” and now that the website was purchased by Yahoo, it makes it even bigger.

Crushable writes:

this photograph he took with a crying baby. It was submitted by Laura R. to the Tumblr Reasons My Son Is Crying. If you’re not aware of this Tumblr, it’s basically a collection of photographs of babies mid-cry-face, with captions that detail the silly reasons they’re bawling. Examples? “He couldn’t remember Jiminy Cricket’s name” or “A fly landed near him.” It’s funny because babies are the worst, am I right? Tiny pooping drama queens.

People are so out of touch with Bill Murray’s awesomeness that they think this is a photo of Tom Hanks. Huffington Post commenters said it, Redditors said it, and Tumblr people said it. Say what?! This is so totally most definitely no question about it Bill Murray. And don’t you forget it.

What do you think of the Bill Murray Crying Baby Pic?

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