Tiki Barber’s Marriage damages his Public Image

After marrying the woman blamed for wrecking his marriage former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber still finds it difficult to understand why his former fans no longer love him. Former Today show reporter Barber married Traci Lynn Johnson in July 2012 after a highly publicized breakup with his pregnant wife in 2010; Barber left Ginny Cha while she was pregnant with twins and was soon romantically linked to the couple’s former babysitter Johnson. after the media frenzy regarding the relationship Barber compared his forced hiding from the media to the plight of Anne Frank hiding form the Nazi’s during World War II. Despite the media speculation about their relationship Barber and Johnson married in a small ceremony in New York City and celebrated their wedding with a series of tweets providing pictures of the wedding rings.

With Barber’s difficult love life and missteps during his short career as an NFL media analyst the New York public appear to have fallen out of love with their former hero running back. On a CBS sports radio show in May 2013 Barber asked his twin brother, former Tampa Baby Buccaneers star Ronde Barber why he was not loved by NFL fans like his brother is. Ronde blamed the New York public for the problems with Tiki’s image.