Kate Upton, Diddy An Item?

kate upton super bowl ad cost $1 million to shoot

Kate Upton’s Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Ad Cost $1 Million

The recent Super Bowl XLVII ad featuring super model Kate Upton is reported to have cost $1 million to film. For a thirty-second ad that would put the budget right on par with a big-budget Hollywood films such as “Snow White and the Huntsman” which costs $170 million to shoot.

However steep that cost of making the short commercial may appear, it is still the lesser cost when compared with the cost of airing the commercial: $3.6 – $3.8 million. That means the Kate Upton commercial incurred costs of close to $5 million for thirty seconds.

The question may become whether such advertising costs are excessive. However, President Dean Rueckert of Rueckert Advertising & Public Relations would disagree. The point Rueckert makes is that with a viewership in excess of 100 million people riveted on the commercial, the cost per person watching is roughly 3 pennies each.

Rueckert says the ability for advertisers to capture so many demographics at one time is what makes Super Bowl advertising a worthwhile investment for those companies that can afford it. As for the lovely 20-year-old Ms. Upton, Rueckert finds that celebrities would never do a commercial readily agree to Super Bowl spots because they know the brand of advertising there is big-budget oriented and high-profile.

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kate upton super bowl ad cost $1 million to shoot