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Borat Secret Cousin Reaches Out to Kim Kardashian

While Kim Kardashian lives in the lap of luxury in a home reportedly worth over $10,000,000 USD, her long lost cousin lives in a poor remote village on less than $140 USD a month. Her cousin has reached out to Kim on his town’s library computer where he discovered he is related to the expectant star. (1)

Muhammer Copur, whose life bears an uncanny resemblance to the film Borat, lives with his five siblings in the tiny village of Karakale. Meanwhile Kim and rapper Kanye West, who are expecting a baby within weeks, are celebrating in their exclusive Los Angeles mansion.

“All I want is a cup of tea with her,” states her relative, “all of the other villagers are jealous.” (2)

Kim, whose been spotted around town dressed in all black, is more worried about hiding her baby bump. The star has also been discovering that pregnancy is tough. According to Now magazine, Kim has not been having an easy pregnancy, and is quoted as saying: “It’s a little painful at times… I’ve gotten sick a couple of times.” (3)

“It’s amazing,” says Muhammer who is fourth cousins with the celebrity, “I’m hoping Kim will invite me to the US.” (4)