Hearing to Weigh Casey Anthony Bankruptcy Request

The Casey Anthony saga will once again be played out in a courtroom setting. Thanks to Anthony claiming bankruptcy the defamation cases from Roy Kronk and Zenaida Gonzalez are now on hold. A judge is going to listen to lawyers for all sides discuss the financial woes that Anthony claims are now dragging her into a bankrupt status.

The legal wrangling was taking place on a state level prior to the bankruptcy filing. While Gonzales and Kronk hope to keep the hearing in a state courtroom the lawyers for Anthony want to push through and find a federal judge to rule on her request for bankruptcy. A federal court venue will keep the case on the fast track and may completely derail the defamation proceedings.

The Chapter 7 filings were initiated in January of 2013. There can be little doubt that Anthony and her lawyers are trying to use bankruptcy as a means of ending these civil proceedings. At this time Zenaida Gonzales and Roy Kronk are classified as being creditors and this means they are the low men on the totem pole for any monetary compensation from Casey Anthony. For Anthony bankrupt status will bring her some protection against the defamation lawsuits that she is now facing. It will mean that she does not have to pay Kronk and Gonzales in the event that they win their civil lawsuits.