Jennifer Love Hewitt has recently admitted that she is pregnant, and that the father is her current boyfriend and co-star Brian Hallisay. Hewitt told reporters that the loves babies, and that the couple is thrilled to be starting a family together.

The couple has been together for fifteen months, and the last man that she dated was Jamie Kennedy. She was also previously engaged to another man, but now she is really to start her family with Hallisay. She has been mentioning for years that she would love to have a child, and now that dream is coming true.

The couple is in their mid thirties, and this is going to be their first child. Currently, she is three months pregnant and looking forward to their arrival of her new child. She’s still being cautious about what she says about her personal life publicly, but she really loves the child’s father.

Currently, the couple says that they are not planning to get married yet. They live together, but they are decided to start their family before they decide to tie the knot. On their television, they played husband and wife. While they have a child now, it is unclear still what their future is going to be.

Jennifer Love Hewitt pregnant