Paris Jackson Hospitalized Following Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson Hospitalized Following Suicide Attempt

The 15-year old daughter of legendary entertainer Michael Jackson was rushed by paramedics to a hospital at an undisclosed location this week from the family’s compound in Calabasas, California.

Paris Jackson allegedly slit one of her wrists, but was also in contact with a telephone suicide hotline before doing so and it was one of their professional counselors who alerted the authorities by dialing 911.

The teenager began posting troubling and cryptic messages on her Twitter account earlier in the day, including quotes from a favorite Beatle song. Police officials would only admit that one patient was transported from an address matching that of the Jackson family after that individual was involved in some sort of medical problem.

Paris Jackson is currently embroiled in a lawsuit along with her brothers and grandmother Katherine against entertainment giant AIG for their alleged liability in the death of her superstar father. A family attorney serving as the Jackson’s spokesman admitted that Paris was currently under medical supervision and was dealing with the effects of the loss of her father in addition and was asking for privacy. Critics are placing the blame for Paris’ recent suicidal feelings on the pressure she is feeling having to testify during current legal proceedings.

Paris Jackson Hospitalized