Mariah Carey Lip-Sync On Idol?

Mariah Carey Lip-Sync On Idol?

Debate Continues on Mariah Carey Lip-Sync Allegations

Did she or didn’t she? The debate seems to continue on whether or not singer Mariah Carey was actually singing during her performance on the season 12 finale of “American Idol” or if she was just artfully lip-syncing a medley of her greatest hits.

Representatives for Carey were insistent that all portions of Carey’s “Idol” songfest were live and said that she even threw in a few extra songs for good measure to please the audience.

Some critical bloggers were fast to point out in their review of Carey’s performance that her singing was taped at least a day ahead of time for release during the finale episode and some went so far as to insist that no lip-synching was involved.

A producer for “Idol” who spoke on the condition of remaining anonymous, reports that a bad editing job could be responsible for having some audience members think that Carey was lip-syncing.

There is a point near the beginning of the tape where Carey’s mouth movements don’t exactly match her vocals. But this could simply be a case of the audio sync being slightly delayed and not matching the video, giving the impression that Carey was mouthing the words and not giving a live rendition.

She may be leaving American Idol, but Mariah Carey Sure does know how to put on a live show.

In a Central Park concert this morning on “Good Morning America,” Mariah Carey popped out of her dress. “This is the diva drama. I wake up at this hour — I don’t mean I wake up, I mean I go to sleep,” she announced shortly before narrowly avoiding getting ABC News a big FCC fine.

“My dress popped. I love you Donatella, but it popped, darling. I just wanted to change the ensemb’. Both of them are out now. These are out. What should we call this, the Central Park Saga?” “G.M.A.” anchor Lara Spencer threw to commercial as Carey was sewn back into her dress. “This seems like a YouTube moment, possibly Spotify even,” Carey, who memorably melted down live on MTV in 2001, quipped.

Staff members quickly rushed on stage to try to fix the broken zipper while anchor Lara Spencer took the show into a break.

“What we’ll do is go to break, adjust, and when we come back we’ll talk to Mariah Carey about how gorgeous she looks,” Spencer said as she proved she was one anchor who knew how to roll with the punches of live TV.

The show cut to commercial and when it returned, Carey’s dress had been fixed.
A few minutes later, she changed into a pink dress and bantered with “GMA’s” Josh Elliott.

“I’ve been working out. I’ve been trying to do the best I can to stay in shape. And these stress-fests, they help. But I need to catch my breath! Please talk,” Carey said.

With the “girls” safely tucked away the mother of two went on to belt out her latest hit “#Beautiful” featuring Miguel.


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