Octomom Walfare Probe Launched

Octomom Walfare Probe Launched

Welfare Probe for Octomom

Nadya Suleman, more famously known as Octomom, is currently the target of a welfare fraud investigation that has officials looking into her bank records and other financial paperwork. If found guilty, the 37-year-old mom of 14 could be looking at jail time.

The probe began after officials got a warrant allowing them access to Suleman’s financial and employment information. It is believed her 2012 earnings surpassed the threshold for welfare. Under law, Suleman would be allowed to collect welfare benefits if she earns less than $119,000 each year. She may have made double that amount last year.

Suleman has worked in various professions, including as an exotic dancer and an actor in pornographic films. She also has an endorsement contract with a payday loan company, which made a hefty contribution to her earnings.

Suleman gained global fame by giving birth to octuplets on January 26, 2009. At that time, she already had six children, including fraternal twins, from various IVF procedures. The doctor who performed the fertility treatments later lost his license. She made headlines again in March 2009 by buying an expensive home.

Suleman’s children would become wards of the state of California if she goes to prison.


Octomom Bank Records to Be Seized in Welfare Fraud Probe

Nadya Suleman