kanye west jay-z $3 million each sweet 16

kanye west jay-z $3 million each sweet 16
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Sweet Sixteen Party Nets Kanye and Jay-Z A Crisp $6 Million

Most people’s Sweet Sixteen birthday parties take place in their backyard or basement with a few lucky people getting a bash hosted by their parents at a local party venue. However, one lucky girl in Dubai who is likely used to getting everything she wants got a $6 million dollar performance by Kanye West and Jay-Z for her Sweet Sixteen, according to Media Take Out.

Typically, the pair of superstars do not offer private concerts for anyone, but for $3 million dollars apiece they apparently decided to make an exception. Each rapper performed a couple of their solo hits at the birthday show and a few collaborations that they worked on together.

If that is the type of entertainment that was booked for the party, one can only guess the type of presents she received! The entertainment was booked by the owner of the Manchester Football Club, Shiekh Mansour, who paid millions to fly out the pair and entertain at his niece’s party. Her father is Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who was the original founder of the UAE and is rumored to be worth over $150 billion.

Anyone else that is literally not made out of money can catch Jay-Z on tour this summer and Kanye trying out his DJ skills around New York City.


Jay Z And Kanye West Got Paid . . . $3 MILLION EACH . . . To Perform At A SWEET 16!!! (Pics And Details)

Jay-Z, Kanye West Earn $6 Million For Sweet 16 Performance