kate bosworth not dead, wraps up homefront movie

kate bosworth not dead, wraps up homefront movie

Kate Bosworth Dead – Not Really

The prissy and mousy actress Kate Bosworth was reported to have died and the customary Facebook page was launched for gullible mooks to post their condolences and signify their likes. It turns out to have been a hoax. Perhaps it’s quite the internet meme to announce the faux deaths of celebrities, but the 30-year-old actress is alive and well.

She just completed her latest film Homefront which also Jason Statham and James Franco. Statham plays the role of a DEA agent who crosses paths with a meth head psychopath drug lord played by James Franco.

The film is an action thriller with Statham going after the villain who threatens his family.

The film has entered the post-production phase and is set for release in early October. For her part, Bosworth hasn’t starred in any hit movie since 2008’s “21” which took in over $150 million at the box office.

To date, Bosworth is best known for her role as Lois Lane in the 2006 film “Superman Returns” which took in nearly $400 million at the box office. As for the internet hoax, she has taken it in stride and understands that she is just another person in a long line of faux deaths.


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