Caprice: surrogate will be baby's aunty

Caprice: surrogate will be baby’s aunty

Model Caprice to Keep Surrogate Mother in Her Son’s Life as “Auntie”

The 41-year-old model and lingerie designer known simply as “Caprice”, has announced that the unnamed American woman who is the surrogate to her forthcoming son will remain in the boy’s life as his “Auntie”.

It may be that the medical advancements which make surrogate motherhood a possibility create some unique family situations, but Caprice is grateful to the woman and wants to honor her for her sacrifice. It is said that the surrogate mother is anxious to remain in the life of the boy as well. So just who is this modern-day ‘Wu Chow’s Auntie’? That will remain a mystery for now.

The irony in all this is that Caprice conceived a child of her own after the surrogate mother began her own gestation period. That is life for you. Caprice and her partner, Ty Comfort, are said to be very pleased with the prospect of starting a family with two sons.

They’re busy discussing names and plan to remain in Notting Hill after the child births. For her part, Caprice has become baby hungry in deed. She freely admits that she would love to have seven additional children as long as her health allows it. No word on if partner Ty Comfort wants that large of a family.

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Caprice: Surrogate will be baby’s aunt