Octopus Pants Make Splash At PGA Tournament

Octopus Pants Make Splash At PGA Tournament

Billy Horschel Draws Attention for Octopus Pants

PGA golfer Billy Horschel has already won a PGA tournament this year. This weekend he competed in another tournament and while he failed to overcome Phil Mickelson, he did draw lots of attention over his octopus pants.

Horschel is quickly gaining a reputation for his unusual eccentricities. Apparently a fast reader, he read through the entire Twilight series of books inside of a fortnight. It’s also said that Horschel believes in the Sasquatch or “Big Foot” legends along with UFOs. Does that mean he’s into conspiracies? It may be given that you can’t hardly separate a belief in UFOs without some belief that the government is colluding to hide their existence from the general public – Hello Roswell, NM and Area 51.

However, it was his squid patterned pants with flashy magenta that has drawn audience attention this time around. Apparently, Horschel is an extrovert who has no inhibition about making himself the center of attention.

Horschel finished four strokes behind Mickelson in the tournament. He won his first PGA this past April by a single stroke. At the time of his victory, he thrust his hand in the air and hopped around in delight over his winning stroke.

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Horschel may not win US Open, but with octopus-print pants, he’s already made his mark