Jackie Stallone Aware Of Not So Normal Looks

Jackie Stallone Aware Of Not So Normal Looks

Jackie Stallone Says Her Physical Looks are Not Normal

Sylvester Stallone’s mother Jackie was recently interviewed by Reveal Magazine and admits the obvious: she’s had too much cosmetic surgery.

The astrologer and reality TV star confesses that her physical face has an abnormal appearance. Stallone even likens the shape of her cheeks to that of one of the television chipmunks.

The 91-year-old woman says that Hollywood is only now coming to terms with the inevitable process of aging and fading physical beauty. As for herself, Stallone admits that the reality of aging likely came too late for her.

In an interview with Reveal magazine, even likening herself to a “chipmunk.

“I do, and actually I’ve got too much,” she replied when asked if she’s still going under the knife.

“I look like I’ve got a mouthful on nuts… I feel I look like a chipmunk.”

“I know it isn’t normal. The papers in London are the worst. The say, ‘She’s the world’s worst’, that I look like a pet bulldog. I really do. I’ve seen too much bad work,” she added.

She now deals with it by self-deprecation even referring to herself as having a “bulldog” face. Stallone spent much of the past 3.5 decades keeping a low profile behind her son’s explosive success starting with the classic film Rocky in 1976.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that she gained her own star power as an astrologer. She even made famous the art of discerning people’s fortunes from photographs of their derrieres in what she coined as “rumpology”.

Seven years ago, she made a guest appearance on the UK version of “Celebrity Big Brother”, but failed to gain much support. She was the first player eliminated from the competition after just four days.


Jackie Stallone: ‘I know I don’t look normal with all this surgery’