Novak Djokovic impersonates Maria Sharapova

Novak Djokovic impersonates Maria Sharapova

Sharapova Good Sport about Djokovic Impersonation

On Thursday, Novak Djokovic did an amusing impersonation of Maria Sharapova during a pre-tournament warm up before Wimbledon. Djokovic was playing against Sharapova’s boyfriend, which increased the audience’s amusement.

Djokovic is seen spending quite a long time prior to serving the ball which Sharapova is known for doing when she plays. In addition, Djokovic stops more than once to put non-existent hair behind his ears to much laughter from the audience. When he finally appears as though he is going to serve, Djokovic sticks his backside out extremely far then puts his hair behind his ears once more. Finally, he serves the ball and lets out a loud, shrill shriek.

Sharapova and her boyfriend, Grigor Dimitrov, were both good sports about the impersonation which is no real surprise as Djokovic has done his infamous impression of Sharapova in the past. Sharapova did comment that she no longer sticks her backside out quite like that prior to serving but made no remarks about her tucking her hair behind her ears or shrieking gutturally as she makes contact with the ball.

Both Djokovic and Dimitrov walk off the court side by side and all smiles as laughter can be heard from the audience members throughout the ordeal.

Check out the video of Novak Djokovic impersonates Maria Sharapova below.


Novak Djokovic impersonates Maria Sharapova in front of boyfriend at Wimbledon warm-up