Katie Price Hospitalized After Breast Augmentation

Katie Price I look like Tangoed Teletubby Following Holidayn (Photo Courtesy Phil Guest)

Katie Price Says She Remebles a Tangoed Teletubby

5′ 5″ petite beauty Katie Price of Brighton, England, was in good humor despite her pregnancy weight.

Now in her third marriage in the past eight years, she is expecting her fourth child.

In an Interview on BBC 1, Price revealed that she knows the sex of her upcoming baby. However, she was self-deprecating when speaking of her pregnancy weight.

Appearing on Nick Grimshaw’s breakfast show on Thursday morning, Katie, 35, said:

‘I’m more busy the next few weeks and the baby can just drop out so God knows when it’s going to drop out … It could happen right now.’

She even referred to herself as a looking like a “tango-ed teletubby”. In part, she says she tanned a bit too much over a recent vacation, but the weight gain in this last pregnancy has been substantial.

Price says that her brown tan makes it difficult to dawn makeup because she can’t set a proper foundation. She explained that her tan has given her a leather boot appearance or tango. Now, combined with her huge baby bump makes her a tango-ed teletubby.

‘I just came back from holiday – I’m so brown, it’s ridiculous.

‘I can’t even put make up on because I don’t have foundation to match my face. I’ve literally been Tango-ed! I look like a leather boot!’

Price is currently promoting her new book “He’s the One” and doesn’t appear to be phased by the weight gain. In all likelihood, the model and reality TV star will be able to lose the weight. Her total net worth is currently estimated to be $66 million which means she can certainly afford a personal trainer.

Her last two pregnancies resulted in C-sections, but she plans on the upcoming bone being a natural birth.


‘I look like a Tango-ed Teletubby!’ Katie Price bemoans her pregnancy weight gain… as she reveals she DOES know the sex of her baby