Don Draper Actor in Long-term Relationship of 16 Years

If only 42-year-old actor Jon Hamm could give his “Mad Men” TV character “Don Draper” some lessons on life, love, and women, Draper might actually find meaning in life. Actor Jon Hamm has been with the same woman for fifteen years now.

His life partner is 43-year-old actress Jennifer Westfeldt and they share the secret to their lasting relationship as the constant reaffirmation of their commitment to one another.

Yes, it is true that they aren’t married, but Hamm says besides the cliché of “it’s only a piece of paper” is a constant reaffirmation to one another of their love. Hamm admits quite honestly that neither he nor Westfeldt grew up with solid examples of lasting relationships.

After 16 years of being with his partner, he says that their relationships has lasted more than four times longer than his parent’s marriage lasted. The same pretty much holds true for his partner.

However, Hamm says a marriage is a constant reminder of a covenant to one another, but he feels that he and his partner get the same affirmation in other ways. When asked about marriage given their proven track record, he issues a demure reply of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

Long Lasting Celeb Romances: Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt together for 15 years