Sting and Trudie Styler’s Key to a Long Marriage – Healthy Sex Life

61-year-old rocker Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner AKA Sting has been happily married to his second wife Trudie Styler since 1992.

The couple lived together for ten years before taking their wedding vows. Since that time, they’ve had four children together plus two from his first marriage.

So what’s the key to their wedding bliss? Sting never takes the intimacy with his wife for granted. He freely admits that he dresses her up for their intercourse because it adds emotion and passion.

Without a constant improvement upon the experience, the intimacy would become what he terms “pedestrian sex”. Sting says they are both free to experiment in their bedroom relationship and that keeps the passion burning.

In one interview, Sting said that he is grateful that he and his wife still have the ability to share the intimate moments together. Sting says that doing so makes their sex life akin to a theater which is full of playfulness. In fact, he says that if there was one word to describe their sex life it would be “tawdry” meaning given to being gaudy, showy, base, and cheap.

The ability to harness the primal urges in one another has given their marriage longevity.


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