Sam worthington arrested in Atlanta

Sam worthington arrested in Atlanta

Atlanta Police Subdue Sam Worthington With Pepper Spary

Count actor Sam Worthington among the celebrities who have gotten themselves arrested after brawling in public. The 36-year old star of “Avatar” and “Clash of the Titans” got into a heated argument with the doorman at the Vortex Bar & Grill in Atlanta last fall after he arrived drunk and insisted on being admitted to the popular club. When the doorman refused, a fight ensued and police were called. Not only was Worthington arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, he also had pepper spray thrown in his face by the doorman, who managed to subdue and handcuff the belligerent actor until police officials arrived.

According to reports by the doorman, identified as Jerry Link, the actor was initially just verbally abusive when denied entrance to Vortex. But when Worthington pushed Link using both of his hands, the doorman brought out his vial of pepper spray and alerted authorities that he had been assaulted. Although police did charge Worthington with disorderly conduct, doorman Link refused to appear in court as a witness against him to describe what happened prior to his arrest and all charges were dropped. Worthington was on location in Atlanta for the new movie “Ten”, also starring former California governor Arnold Scharzenegger.


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