sam worthington in avatar 2 still up in the air

sam worthington in avatar 2 still up in the air

Sam Worthington on “Avatar 2” Status

Sam Worthington, who starred in the blockbuster Avatar back in 2009, says that the long awaited sequel to the $3 billion box office smash ($2.8 billion in ticket sales and $200 million in DVD sales) is in the hands of director James Cameron. It isn’t easy to attempt a follow up to a movie that smashed through all analyst expectations as did Avatar. There has been no sequel to the Titanic, another of Cameron’s smash hit films.

Worthington admits there are plans for an Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. Actress Sigourney Weaver has stated that Cameron is simultaneously filming three sequels or Avatars 2, 3, and 4. Avatar 2 will take place largely under water and to that extent Worthington has had to take up scuba diving.

He previously stated that he finds the sport somewhat scary, but had no choice in matter as Cameron had proactively bought him the scuba diving equipment.

Worthington says the sequel will be monumental, but it isn’t known when the release date will be set. Originally, it was thought to be December 2014, but the film is still currently being filmed. Cameron is said to be working feverishly to create a film that will exceed audience expectations.

Sam Worthington Says ‘Avatar 2′ Waiting On James Cameron, Doesn’t Expect Another ‘Titans’ Film

Sam Worthington says ‘Avatar 2’ waiting on James Cameron, doesn’t expect another ‘Titans’ film