Greta Van Susteren Leaving Fox? Not According To Her

Greta Van Susteren Leaving Fox? Not According To Her

Van Susteren Dismisses Rumors About Leaving Fox

Don’t look for Greta Van Susteren, popular Fox News host, to be packing her bags anytime soon. Although rumors have been circulating that she is abandoning the “fair and balanced” Fox network to return to her old stomping grounds at Cable News Network, it is Van Susteren herself who is dismissing the reports as rumor.

Allegedly the rumors of Van Susteren’s departure were fueled by speculation that much younger anchor Megyn Kelly would be gifted with the 10 p.m. slot currently held by Van Susteren after Kelly returns from maternity leave, reports the LA Times.

Van Susteren, however, posted an item on her blog, declaring she was definitely not planning to go anywhere since she has a long-term commitment with the Fox network to continue to appear in a prime time slot.

Van Susteren, however, did not address reports that she had actually spoken to officials at CNN to discuss the possibility of returning there in order to enjoy a coveted time slot earlier in the evening than her current Fox show is aired.

“I am not going anywhere,” she wrote in a blog posting that was later taken down. “I have a long term contract with Fox and it is for a show in ‘prime time.’”

She added: “Done, ok? (And by the way, don’t you love the courage of the anonymous sources? and those who then speculate from there? )”

Van Susteren first came to the public’s attention when she joined CNN as a legal analyst, but was lured away in 2002 by Fox, where she currently has her own weeknight show.


Greta Van Susteren Leaving Fox? She Says Otherwise

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