Johnny Depp plays "Tonto" in a 2013 adaptation of "The Lone Ranger" the famous 1950s TV series.

Johnny Depp plays “Tonto” in a 2013 adaptation of “The Lone Ranger” the famous 1950s TV series.

Disney’s $250M Lone Ranger Savaged by Movie Critics

It was not supposed to be this way. Disney was supposed to be enjoying a huge 4th of July weekend at the box office en route to making beaucoup dollars on its sizable investment of a quarter billion dollars to produce the epic remake of 1950s classic series “The Lone Ranger”. Why shouldn’t it have worked? Disney brought back the dynamic duo who carried the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise: director Gore Verbinski and actor Johnny Depp.

However, any memory of the successful franchise is now a distant memory. It’s not that critics did not like the film, they outright have hated it and are vituperated at having watched it.

One critic stated that the film, which was marketed for children, is not only not for children but not for the entire family and urged viewers to stay away from it.

Liam Lacey chides the film in Globe and Mail for confusing more and delivering less.

“Throughout, forced comedy and violent excesses are jammed together: The Lone Ranger’s horse, Silver, for example, is a magical creature that can apparently levitate, which seems designed to appeal to children.

But if so, how does that jibe with a scene of Cavendish carving a man’s heart out of his chest and eating it? Is this for fans of My Little Pony or The Silence of the Lambs?”

Peter Howell writes in The Star noting how the film revolves around Depp and not Lone Ranger Hammer, “But shouldn’t these Lone Ranger arrangers have decided whether they were doing send-up or serious? And shouldn’t they have called the film Tonto, since it’s really all about him?”

Another critic stated that at roughly 2.5 hours long the film is so terrible a person would have to see it to believe it. However, the critic strongly cautioned against that and urged viewers to accept the review on faith and avoid it. When all marketing factors are brought into consideration, a film with a $250 million budget needs to gross 2-3 times that figure to break-even. Disney is set for an epic loss similar to “John Carter” or worse.

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