While the practice of giving celebrity couples a nickname that is a concatenation of either their given names or surnames is a recent societal evolution, some couples earned nicknames long before that. In the case of actor Cary Grant, he found himself with a nickname referring to him and his wife Barbara Hutton.

However, in all honesty it was a euphemism. Hutton, an heiress to the Woolworth fortune, was Grant’s second wife and he was her third husband. Despite Cary Grant’s star power in Hollywood, his fortune paled in comparison to hers.

Some in the media sought to portray Grant as a male gold-digger implying that he married Hutton solely for her wealth or at least with due consideration of it – hence the nickname “Cash And Cary”.

Grant ever denied that money had anything to do with his marriage to Hutton or any of his wives (he had five in all).

Grant married for love, but often felt he was in struggle to be a real life person of the man he was on screen. Hutton was a deeply troubled woman who was insecure and looked to men as a means of being rescued. The relationship was fundamentally flawed despite sincere attempts by both to make the marriage work.