Lauren Hill Starts Prison Sentence

Singing star Lauren Hill owes Uncle Sam unpaid taxes and he made it clear to her that he’s going to get what’s owed him. Hill turned herself in to begin serving out a three months sentence for tax evasion stemming from the period 2005 – 2007 when she failed to file income taxes. She is believed to have earned $1.8M in income during that time.

The mother of six will serve her 90-day sentence in a minimum security facility known as the Federal Correction Institute (FCI). Following her sentence, she will serve 90-days of confinement in her home and one year of probation. She will have to repay taxes and a $60,000 fine.

Hill was unable to reach an agreement with the IRS and went to trial over her unpaid taxes. Word to the wise: when you’re obviously guilty, going to trial results in stiffer penalties. In Hill’s case, she played the slavery card by telling the judge that she was the grand-child of former slaves who had an economic system imposed on them.

She then compared the music business to that same system claiming that her career generated roughly $600M of which she was paid relatively little. Obviously, that defense ploy was not effective owing to its inability to explain how slavery kept her from filing taxes during that three year period in question.

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Lauryn Hill reports to prison