Cool Off With A Free 7-Eleven Slurpee

The national promotion known as Free Slurpee Day is upon us once again. Many customers will be combating the summer heat today with a complimentary Slurpee from 7-Eleven during the hours of 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Participating 7-Eleven stores across America and Canada will serve 5 million free Slurpee frozen carbonated beverages in special birthday today (until supplies last). “Slurpee-brations” and 7-Eleven birthday parties are being held around the country with music, entertainment, prizes and food sampling. The convenience chain has been celebrating its birthday with free Slurpee drinks since its 75th anniversary celebration in 2002.

The offer is valid for any of the 70 different flavors sold at these stores. Previous 7-Eleven customers have suggested patrons should arrive early, once the limited Slurpee cups are sold out the promotion ends.

The well established convenient store, 7-Eleven, is celebrating 85 years of business today. Free Slurpee Day began in 2002. Approximately $7 million Slurpees are expected to be sold.

“7-Eleven Day has become so popular that people mark it as a recurring event on their calendars,” said Stefanie Olson, 7-Eleven category manager for Slurpee and Big Gulp® beverages. “Some people forget that it’s July 11th or 7-Eleven Day. They just know it as free Slurpee day. It’s a great way to create a party atmosphere at our stores. Everyone wants to celebrate!” Free Slurpee drinks aside, July, typically the hottest month in the U.S., is the top-selling Slurpee month of the year.

Every year, July 11 marks the day that the convenience retailer observes its birthday and other company milestones. 7-Eleven, the first convenience store, began its run in 1927 when a Southland Ice Company employee started selling bread, milk and eggs from an ice dock as a convenience for his customers. Since that inauspicious start, “convenience” has become a big business. That small ice company has grown into a major international retailing chain with close to 8,200 7-Eleven stores in North America and more than 38,100 worldwide.

7 Eleven Free Slurpee Day Is Here!

7 Eleven Free Slurpee Day Is Here!