Jason Mesnick Spills: Molly Recently Got Fake

Jason Mesnick Spills: Molly Recently Got Fake

Jason Mesnick Exasperates at Wife Molly’s Fake Something

The reality TV series of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” don’t have a very good track record of actually pairing up couples. However, one success story does stand out and that was season 13’s bachelor Jason Mesnick who famously proposed to one woman only to withdraw the engagement and ask the runner up if she would accept his marriage proposal. The woman who went from runner up to wife-to-be was Molly Malaney.

The two have since become media darlings. While they don’t have their own reality TV show, the couple podcast their own recordings. In one recent episode, Jason exasperates over his wife obtaining something fake for her beauty enhancement. However, lest anyone think it is something like a nose job or boob job, it wasn’t. Molly simply took up using fake eye lashes.

Jason said that the eye lashes are large and don’t tend to stay in place very well. The couple celebrated their first child Riley Anne this past March. It was Molly’s first child and Jason’s second as he has a son from his first marriage. In the podcast, Jason says that one of the eyelashes became detached and fell on his baby girl’s cheek.


Jason Mesnick Spills: Molly Recently Got Fake WHAT?!