Brock Lesnar $500

Brock Lesnar has successfully proven his toughness throughout a career in the WWE and UFC. He decided to prove his toughness one more time by showing that his bout with diverticulitis did not weaken the appetite that a massive man like himself has.

Lesnar, along with fellow WWE star and wife Sable, enjoyed a hardy meal at Fresco, which is an Italian restaurant in Montclair, NJ. The meal was quite hefty, and that was shown in the bill that reportedly came out to be more than $500. There are no questions that Lesnar has rebounded quite well from the condition that forced him to retire from the UFC and required multiple stomach surgeries.

It is also known what was included in the pricey meal. The wrestler split an order of Ahi tuna that included asparagus and margherita pizza with his wife. He also reportedly put down a full bowl of parpadelle bolognese. He wasn’t done however, as he also had a plate of chicken parmesan with triple-extra chicken. The large meal was topped off with a slice of cheesecake for dessert. Brock Lesnar and his wife reportedly stayed in the restaurant past closing, but I’m sure they didn’t mind too much as Brock left a pretty generous tip.