Ben Affleck’s Online Gambling Problem in the Tabloids

Academy Award winning director and actor Ben Affleck is in the tabloids again over his gambling addiction. The 40-year-old husband of actress Jennifer Garner has reportedly suffered a relapse in his gambling addiction.

Some reports are that he is involved in online gambling, but the actual details of the rumor are that he is involved in high-stakes underground poker matches. Regardless, it is a distinction without a difference for the actor who has struggled with both alcohol and gambling addictions for much of his adult life.

The stealth VIP-only game supposedly took place at the Prego Ristorante and Affleck is rumored to have lost $400k to one of the players identified only as a “Hollywood mogul”. His friends Matt Damon was said to have participated in poker game along with Leonardo DiCaprio. At this point, Affleck’s publicist is denying all allegations of the match.

The denial comes even as there are rumors that the illegal poker matches may be coming under investigation. Tabloids are defending their story with other proof that Affleck has a history of deception.

The actor claimed to have become sober from alcohol in 2001 but tabloids point to numerous photographs taken since then which show otherwise.


Ben Affleck is addicted to online poker