Miley Cyrus smoking salvia, first hind of wild side?

Miley Cyrus smoking salvia, first hind of wild side?

Is Salvia Use a Sign of Wild Side in Miley Cyrus?

International singing star and actress Miley Cyrus has admitted to smoking Salvia which is a Mexican variation of the sage herb, reports TMZ. The question is: does using Salvia indicate a wild side to the popular entertainer? Well, it surely doesn’t indicate she’s being circumspect.

The herb is smoked for one purpose: to hallucinate or get high. While Salvia is not an illegal substance, the US government is investigating it to see if it should be grouped along with other types of hallucinogenic drugs such as heroin and LSD. Does mean that Cyrus has also advanced to using marijuana. Well, she has admitted that she’s a stoner and a pothead. It is curious how money and fame can allow someone to invoke those words with a measure of pride.

A video of her smoking a bong was obtained by the ubiquitous tabloid site which featured her inhaling off a bong device. Her behavior was seen to alter commensurate with the high produced by such hallucinogens. It isn’t certain yet if this is a passing phase for the young adult. She may just be sowing her wild oats or it may be that we’ll soon see her in the reality TV show “Celebrity Rehab”.

Perhaps the whole salvia incident was a publicity stunt in an effort to change her “good girl” image.

Britain’s FHM recently crowned actress Cyrus as the “sexiest woman in the world”. Without a doubt, Cyrus’ distinction comes in the wake of the singer changing her image in a more edgy direction.

Last year, Cyrus ranked No. 68 on the list before her dramatic change in appearance. Plenty of other magazines will release their annual lists that rank famous women by appearance. Cyrus could rank highly on plenty of those lists, too. Sure, these lists don’t really mean much to most people. It’s still amusing to take a look at how various publications rank famous women, though.

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MILEY’S HERB SALVIAClassified as ‘Drug of Concern’