Pretty potty-mouth: The cursing African Grey parrot sits on the hand of vet Hayley Thompson after its rescue (Picture: Ross Parry)

A potty-mouthed parrot who was found wandering in the middle of a road told its rescuer to ‘bugger off’ and became angry with vets who were trying to look after it. See Ross Parry copy RPYPARROT. The African grey parrot swore repeatedly at the unwitting member of the public when he tried to pick up the bird from the road in Guiseley, Leeds, West Yorks yesterday lunchtime (WED). The stowaway pet, whose gender and name are not known, was brought into the White Cross Vets in car, but hung on for dear life with its claws as it sat in the front seat, not wanting to be brought in for treatment. It then went on the offensive and began attacking staff, but once the parrot calmed down and stopped its foul language, staff were able to send an ID number which was attached by a ring on its leg to a specialist team to try and track down the owner. Pictured with vet Hayley Thompson.