Jennifer Aniston Already Feels Married

jennifer aniston broken toe

Justin Theroux Misstep Breaks Fiance Aniston’s Toe

Actress Jennifer Aniston explained her recently broken toe as a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time when fiancé Justin Theroux decided to wear big heavy boots and not exactly be watching where he placed them. Aniston admitted that her broken tootsie was the result of Theroux’s stepping on his fiancé’s foot. Aniston said she immediately felt that the weight and pressure exerted on her toe had broken it and she is continuing to soldier on with press interviews for her latest film, ” We’re the Millers”, by hobbling on a bum foot.

In addition to issuing her latest medical report, Aniston has also revealed that there have been no wedding postponements or cancellations by the couple because they are simply not in any rush to get married. Aniston says she and her 41-year old fiancé already feel like a married couple and want to take their time planning a wedding ceremony in which neither person will feel hurried about rushing to and from work commitments in order to squeeze in the nuptial ceremony. Although Theroux is encouraging Aniston to make up with her long-estranged birth mother, the actress reportedly has no plans to include her in the wedding invitation list.