“Gangnam Style” Singer Opens Up About Excessive Drinking

The 35-year-old South Korean singer Park Jae-sang better known as Psy opened up about his alcohol addiction in an interview with the magazine “The Sunday Times”.

The singer of the popular song & dance known as “Gangnam Style” freely discussed the deep emotional bond that alcohol plays in his life, but stopped short of saying he is addicted.

However, isn’t his inability to see the addiction part of the denial addict’s display? Psy spoke of his abusive father. Many people may not know that the victims of abuse who fail to get proper therapy stand a greater than 90% chance of developing an addiction later in life. Psy says he drinks often and the only times he is not drinking is when he is experiencing a hangover which he said he experiences a lot. He has two children, but claims that it is vodka which is his “best friend”.

Psy said he drinks when he is either happy or sad. In other words, he drinks constantly, which is the sure sign of an alcoholic. He would be wise to take a cue from actor Colin Ferrell who used to boast that his heavy drinking was just part of being Irish; he later had to seek treatment for alcohol addiction.

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