Nicole Polizzi, or more famously known by her nickname, Snooki, was seen this past week showing off her new bikini bod after losing her pregnancy weight. Sporting a black and white striped halter top with black high waisted bottoms, Snooki was seen out enjoying some sunshine and waves with her fiance, Jionni LaValle, and her now 11 month old son, Lorenzo.

Since giving birth, Snooki has lost almost 50 pounds. The 25 year old has admitted that even before getting pregnant, her weight was a constant issue. However, it seems that Snooki’s rigid regime of working out and eating right are doing the trick, because the pounds off simply melted off. In fact, Snooki fans have been stating that Snooki looks better than ever as she strutted the beachside showing off her toned tummy and new slender figure.

Since making her debut on the reality hit television show “Jersey Shore,” it seems that Snooki has toned down her style and demeanor a bit since becoming a mom. Known for being the wild girl on the “Jersey Shore,” instead of showing off as much as she can with revealing and outrageous outfits, it looks like Snooki is turning into a classy, elegant mom.

Snooki Brings Bikini Body, Jionni and Little Lorenzo to the Jersey Shore