Single Moms: Charlize Theron always wanted to adopt

Single Moms: Charlize Theron always wanted to adopt

Charlize Theron adopts baby boy: joins the ranks of the Hollywood single moms

Actress Charlize Theron is a first-time mom at the age of 36. According to a Theron spokesperson, the actress has adopted a four-month-old baby boy that she’s naming Jackson.

With the adoption, Theron has also joined the ranks of some of Hollywood’s most famous single-moms-by-choice. That group includes actress Sandra Bullock, singer Sheryl Crow and even Madonna, who divorced her husband Guy Ritchie when she already had three children of her own and then adopted a fourth, a daughter, by herself.

That Charlize Theron has adopted a child, however, probably isn’t much of a surprise to many of her fans. After all, she has been asked several times in the past if she wanted children and has always replied with an emphatic “Yes”.

Even when asked if she would ever consider adopting as a single mom as recently as last year, Theron immediately replied “Why not?” and went on to say how many children there are around the world that need a home.

It’s nice to see she’s now adopted one of them.

As for relationships with men, although Charlize Theron seems to have been luckier than many other actresses in Hollywood, having been in a nine-year relationship with Irish actor Stuart Townsend, that relationship ended last year.

Maybe that break-up is what prompted her to seriously consider adoption? We’ll never know.

What we can guess at with some measure of certainty, however, is that for baby Jackson, having a mom that truly wanted him is probably a godsend, and you don’t get much more blessed than that.

Charlize Theron always wanted to adopt

Charlize Theron always wanted to adopt