Johnny Depp "Silence Exile Cunning" tattoo Stems From  James Joyce's "Portrait of the Artist"

Johnny Depp “Silence Exile Cunning” tattoo Stems From James Joyce’s “Portrait of the Artist”

The Meaning of Silence, Exile, and Cunning

One of Johnny Depp’s latest tattoos stems from a James Joyce novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. It features the words silence, exile, cunning. Joyce wrote these words at the end of prose about life and expression. He claimed that those three words were his only forms of communication and defense. Johnny Depp, as a talented actor, clearly felt an affinity to the Joyce’s insightful meaning.

It can be interpreter many ways, but Depp seems to take those three eloquent words to heart. The tattoo itself is printed in an old style font on the forearm of his left arm. The tattoo itself is discreet, but well drawn. This is the type of tattoo that defines the inquisitive, yet bad *** persona Depp presents to the public.

Depp is well known for his dark personality and unique choice of characters. He often chooses roles that are quite substantial. His latest feature film is The Lone Ranger where he plays a Native American. Unfortunately, the summer film was not very well received. However, one can imagine that Johnny Depp will look towards to future films and projects with silence, exile and cunning.